From: Thu 24 Oct, 2024
To:Fri 25 Oct, 2024


Advanced Communication Skills Training for staff in Critical Care

Our blended learning ACST course for roles in Critical Care is an adapted version of the advanced communication skills training course format. The course content is tailored to the role and the communication challenges faced by those working in Critical Care.

The sessions enable staff to share openly the specific challenges within the role. The mutual understanding of those challenges strengthens the focus and increases the ability to address the issues.

All the workshop role-plays will be relevant and relatable with common ground and language. The group can draw on their expertise and experiences, leading to greater engagement, trust and collaboration

Develops the skills to deliver constructive feedback, to improve team working and the strategies to address issues within teams in a purposeful and beneficial way

Course Format: Pre-course approx. 2-3 hr e-learning, followed by 2 days (approx. 5 hr each day) online

Location: Webinar

Educational Credits:

+ Course Aims

To enable learners to
• increase awareness and improve communication skills with patients, relatives and colleagues
• identify strategies to improve quality of clinical communication
• review behaviours which inhibit good communication
• increase ability to deliver information effectively
• share concerns and good practice
• improve and develop their communication skills through observation, practice and giving and receiving constructive feedback
• facilitate effective communication where there are language and /or cultural differences
• increase confidence in responding to difficult communication situations