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Bespoke Educational Opportunities

OxCERPC is delighted to offer bespoke courses to meet the educational needs of specific groups. Our team of facilitators has a wide range of skills an...
Wed 01 Jan, 2020
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The Oxford Advanced Pain and Symptom Management Course – Webinar

This course is amongst the UK’s leading courses for palliative care nurses, pharmacists and doctors. For over 30 years it has delivered cutting edge...
Mon 11 Jan, 2021

Foundation Level Communication Skills Training: SAGE & THYME

This foundation level workshop provides skills for staff at all levels, working in both clinical and non-clinical positions, to enhance care for those...
Fri 05 Mar, 2021
Multiple Dates

Advanced Communication Skills Training (blended learning version)

The new blended learning ACST Model (in partnership with FrontLine Communication)
  • Interactive demonstrations and opportunities to practic...
Thu 18 Mar, 2021

Advance Care Planning in Care Homes

Advance Care Planning is a process to help adults to share their personal values and wishes regarding future medical care, especially useful as the en...
Thu 25 Mar, 2021

Breath-Body-Mind Integration (Foundation level)

Using breath-body-mind techniques for the support and management of hard-to-reach symptoms in supportive and palliative care Helping patients to li...
Fri 26 Mar, 2021


  • High quality presentations; high quality Q&A sessions accessing the knowledge and opinions of the audience

  • Up to date research findings. Excellent breadth of topics. Extremely interesting and thought provoking two days

  • Final session a great idea to consolidate learning – never seen this at a conference before

  • The facilitators have passion in what they do

  • As a result of learning undertaken today, I am more likely to consider how I manage spiritual care assessments

  • I found the structure of the course relevant and appropriate. Well thought out. Difficult to find fault with.

  • Both the facilitators were exceptionally good and the techniques they adopted were interesting.

  • I didn't know that there are so many aspects of communication and various techniques for effective communication. The Enhanced Communication Skills Training course was a good experience.

  • As a whole the Enhanced Communication Skills Training course surpassed my expectations. There was a balanced mix of participation, PowerPoint and rehearsals.

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