OxCERPC’s aim

To support the department of palliative care, Oxford University Hospitals Foundation Trust, to become ‘research active’, to help nurture a culture of inquiry and scholarship, and support opportunities for collaboration available within and beyond Oxford.


  1. Support the department to ensure research readiness by:
    • Improving awareness of the need for and the value of research activities amongst all professional staff
    • Being ready, willing and able to engage in research led by other departments and organisations
    • Engaging in research activities and leadership to develop and undertake research
  2. Support individuals with their research:
    • People undertaking MA/MSc, MD, PhD or DPhil study
    • Specialty registrars to achieve their research competence
    • Clinical fellows and academic visitors attached to the department
    • Junior doctors and medical students interested in undertaking projects
    • Other clinicians and non-clinicians interested in undertaking projects
  3. Developing a portfolio of projects in outline that can be taken off-the-shelf and adapted by individuals interested in developing their research experience
    • Providing a community of practice and expertise to support staff in undertaking projects, bringing results to the point of feedback in the department, poster presentation at conference or publication
    • Building a network of visiting fellows and academic visitors, past and present
    • Seeking external grant funding for more substantial projects
    • Seeking and leading collaboration with others.
  4. Activities that support critical appraisal and application of evidence to practice include:
    • A large programme of audit and quality improvement projects
    • Monthly medical journal club
    • Twice monthly multidisciplinary educational meetings
    • Weekly, monthly and termly lists if relevant research articles provided by Bodelian Library (Oxford University)
    • Staff posters and papers on display

OxCERPC has strong links with the University of Oxford, both the Experimental Medicine Division of the Nuffield Department of Medicine and Harris Manchester College, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Brookes University, Palliative Care Research Society and other academic national and international centres.

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