OxCERPC and the palliative care department in Oxford welcome the influx of knowledge and skills brought by our colleagues living and working around the globe.

  • OxCERPC was honoured to take part as a site joining the 2023 Cicely Saunders International annual lecture by Dr Harvey Chochinov ‘Intensive Caring: Reminding Patients They Matter’.
  • OxCERPC hosted and supported the 10th Palliative Care Works annual conference on 14th  ‘The Changing Landscape of Worldwide Palliative Care Education: Meeting the post-Covid and climate change challenges’.( Group of experienced palliative care practitioners, managers and educators aiming to support and develop palliative care services in resource-limited settings, in collaboration with existing initiatives and organisations).
  • Dr Mary Miller was an invited speaker at the Marymount International Conference: Reflections and Projections on 11th/12th ‘‘If you count something interesting, you learn something interesting’.
  • OxCERPC invited international speakers:
    • Dr Brian Creedon (Republic of Ireland: Outcome Measures 2023)
    • Dr Joanne Droney (Republic of Ireland: Oxford Advanced Courses 2023)
    • Professor Wolfgand Grisold (Germany: Psychiatry 2024)
    • Professor David Kissane (Australia: Psychiatry 2024)
    • Dr John Wynn (USA: Psychiatry 2024)
  • OxCERPC welcomed international delegates:
    • 23 from New Zealand
    • 9 from Ireland
    • 5 from Australia
    • 5 From Denmark
    • 1 from Bermuda
    • 1 from France
    • 1 from Spain
    • 1 from USA
  • Fei Yang, a medical sociology research student from China (February 2023 – January 2024). OxCERPC supported her visit and her studies.
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