International Visitors

We have been delighted to welcome visitors from Denmark and New Zealand this autumn (2018).

Vejle Sygehus, Copenhagen, Denmark:

3 visitors spent a day with the Hospital Palliative Care Liaison Team in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. The visitors included the lead consultant, lead senior nurse and a specialist nurse.



“We are a multidisciplinary palliative care team from Vejle, Denmark. We are part of the oncology ward at Lillebælt Hospital We plan to develop a service within the hospital and are particularly interested in your Hospital Palliative Care Team.”



Thank you for an interesting visit to us in Oxford. A huge thank you for advertising the Oxford Advanced Courses in Pain and Symptom Management through the Danish Association of Palliative Medicine free of charge.

Mercy Hospice, Auckland, New Zealand:

A medical consultant spent 2 days with us in Oxford.



“I would like the opportunity to see your approach to clinical matters and be able to compare and contrast with our way of managing situations.

I am also interested in seeing how the various teams within the hospice work together and network – who does what, as well as how the hospice interfaces with the hospital. In particular, I’d be keen to see how the senior medical team organises themselves – what their roles and responsibilities are.

I am also interested in the provision of various education programmes and having attended the Oxford Advanced Pain and Symptom Management course run by Sobell House on a number of occasions, I would appreciate any opportunity to get advice on how to run an educational team/programmes (on a significantly smaller scale).”



Thank you for all we learned in hosting your visit. Thank you also for your fantastic gift of a Maori quilt. We look forward to displaying it in our foyer.

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