Autumn 2019

We were delighted to welcome Frank Brennan to speak at our recent Renal Palliative Medicine Masterclass.

Dr Frank Brennan is a Palliative Care Physician based at St George Hospital, Sydney, Australia and the first Palliative Care Physician employed within a Renal Department in Australia.

He is also the author of ‘As Vast as the World: Illness, death, bereavement and Palliative Care in literature’ and Standing on the Platform – Stories and Reflections from Palliative Care’

Frank is also a lawyer and has written extensively on the human rights dimensions of pain management and Palliative Care.

During his visit to the UK, we were honoured to host a reading by Frank from some of his writings; a recording of which is available via the link below.


Summer 2019

Lovely feedback from Moldovan participants on the Oxford Advanced Course in Pain and Symptom Management

The Oxford Advanced Course in Pain and Symptom Management was delighted to welcome a doctor and a nurse from Moldova this summer. Here are their thoughts about their experience:

“The advanced course, without doubts, exceeded our expectations. That was already anticipated getting in advance the on-line access to the course presentations. The total level of the presented information, despite the topic, was in accordance with the highest standards of the
both: education and palliative care. All the presenters, without exceptions, made their academic stories accessible for perception and captured the new, necessary and important information in palliative care.

Our great discovery among the presented topics were “Supporting young adults with life limiting conditions” by Jo Elverson and “Rehabilitation within Palliative Care” by Matthew Maddocks. We also had a pleasant and safety diving to the depth of palliative care drugs together with Andrew Wilcock and Paul Howard. Some new aspects of the neuropathic pain were brilliantly presented by Annina Schmid. “Liver Disease” by Wendy Prentice, “Cough” by Sean Parker and “Mouth care” by Laura Daly were excellently presented as symptoms’ control. Sarah Charlesworth gave the chronological overview of the Palliative Care Formulary’s history.

Derek Willis surprised us with the never ended story of ethical issues and it was also worth to listen to the Tony O’Brien’s point of view regarding the Cannabinoids use in Medicine.

It was also our great pleasure to meet Mary Miller, who was discovered by us as a great facilitator during the 2-day course and very interesting conversationist in private talks. She also easily conducted the recently introduced Mentimeter system of the online and immediate evaluation of the sessions and presenters.

All the scientific information will be definitely shared with our colleagues at work and also further mentioned at our educational events organised by the Foundation we work for, aiming the ongoing education for students and healthcare professionals, providing proper references.
We also were pleasantly surprised by the raised attention of other participants in the course both from Great Britain and the overseas countries, who sincerely showed their interest in the state of palliative care in Moldova, level of life, national traditions and culture of the country.”

International Visitors

We have been delighted to welcome visitors from Denmark and New Zealand this autumn (2018).

Vejle Sygehus, Copenhagen, Denmark:

3 visitors spent a day with the Hospital Palliative Care Liaison Team in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. The visitors included the lead consultant, lead senior nurse and a specialist nurse.



“We are a multidisciplinary palliative care team from Vejle, Denmark. We are part of the oncology ward at Lillebælt Hospital We plan to develop a service within the hospital and are particularly interested in your Hospital Palliative Care Team.”



Thank you for an interesting visit to us in Oxford. A huge thank you for advertising the Oxford Advanced Courses in Pain and Symptom Management through the Danish Association of Palliative Medicine free of charge.

Mercy Hospice, Auckland, New Zealand:

A medical consultant spent 2 days with us in Oxford.



“I would like the opportunity to see your approach to clinical matters and be able to compare and contrast with our way of managing situations.

I am also interested in seeing how the various teams within the hospice work together and network – who does what, as well as how the hospice interfaces with the hospital. In particular, I’d be keen to see how the senior medical team organises themselves – what their roles and responsibilities are.

I am also interested in the provision of various education programmes and having attended the Oxford Advanced Pain and Symptom Management course run by Sobell House on a number of occasions, I would appreciate any opportunity to get advice on how to run an educational team/programmes (on a significantly smaller scale).”



Thank you for all we learned in hosting your visit. Thank you also for your fantastic gift of a Maori quilt. We look forward to displaying it in our foyer.

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