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At OxCERPC we offer an annual programme of study days, courses and conferences to enhance the knowledge and skills of health and social care staff.


Multiple Dates

Foundation Level Communication Skills Training: SAGE & THYME

Dates: 15 Oct, 13 Feb & 02 April This foundation level workshop provides skills for staff at all levels, working in both clini...
Mon 16 Sep, 2019
Multiple Dates

Intermediate Communication Skills Training

Dates:  18 Oct, 15 Nov & 26 March This one day workshop has been developed to build upon foundation level communication skill...
Fri 18 Oct, 2019
Multiple Dates

Enhanced Communication Skills Training

Dates: 24-25 Oct, 12-13 Dec & 27-28 Feb A two day course for senior health and social care professionals working across the Th...
Thu 24 Oct, 2019
Fully funded

Masterclass for General Practitioners

This fully funded masterclass is available to General Practitioners working in Oxfordshire. The masterclass will provide you with up to date knowledge...
Sat 26 Oct, 2019

Renal Palliative Medicine Masterclass

This masterclass will explore the interface of palliative care with renal care and discuss learning points from joint renal and palliative medicine se...
Fri 01 Nov, 2019

Oncology Update

This will be the fifth annual Oncology Update to be held in Oxford. The specialties of Oncology and Haematology are changing at pace. Keeping up to...
Fri 22 Nov, 2019
Autumn Offer

Advanced Communication Skills Refresher

The purpose of the course is to reflect and refresh on previous experiential learning in Advanced /Enhanced communication Skills, and how this has tra...
Fri 29 Nov, 2019
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Masterclass in Palliative Care: Cardiff

The Cardiff Palliative Care Masterclass is derived from the internationally renowned Oxford Advanced Course in Pain and Symptom Manageme...

Fri 29 Nov, 2019

Breath-Body-Mind Integration (Foundation level)

Using breath-body-mind techniques for the support and management of hard-to-reach symptoms in supportive & palliative care Helping patients to ...
Fri 06 Dec, 2019
2 Days

General Medicine for Palliative Care Physicians

This annual course complements the Oxford Advanced Pain and Symptom Management courses. In the delivery of palliative care services, palliative med...
Thu 30 Jan, 2020
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3rd Masterclass in Palliative Care: Cork

This course is ideal for experienced doctors and nurses who are practising in palliative care or very interested in developing their skills in Palliat...
Fri 21 Feb, 2020

Breath Body Mind Integration – Advanced Level

This course is for those who have a grounding in mindfulness/yoga, other body-mind approaches and compassion-focused psychologies and practices. We...
Fri 06 Mar, 2020

Advanced Communication Skills Refresher

The purpose of the course is to reflect on and refresh previous experiential learning in Advanced /Enhanced Communication Skills, and how this has tra...
Fri 20 Mar, 2020

End of Life Care for Pharmacists

This day will be of interest to registered pharmacists working within hospital, community, hospice and GP practice Due to an aging population livin...
Fri 27 Mar, 2020

Advanced Ethics in Palliative and End of Life Care

As healthcare practitioners, we are faced with ethical dilemmas and difficult decisions on a daily basis. What to do when there is a conflict between ...
Fri 03 Apr, 2020
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Risk and Resilience in Grieving

New study day - The aim of this day is to provide an overview of grief theory and realise the significance of working with risk and resilience in bere...
Wed 22 Apr, 2020

Principles of Palliative Care

This introductory day for health and social care professionals will help to demystify palliative care, unpick what is meant by holistic care, and deve...
Fri 15 May, 2020
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