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36 years of Education at Sobell House

The Oxford Centre for Education and Research in Palliative Care (OxCERPC) has been through many changes since it first opened in 1988, but what hasn’t changed is the principle of delivering high quality education to staff to enable the delivery of high quality care.

Founded by Dr Robert Twycross, OxCERPC now delivers educational events to audiences locally, nationally and internationally, and is one of the leading education centres of palliative and end-of-life education. We know that excellent end-of-life care cannot be delivered unless all staff, in whatever setting, are trained well, and so we provide courses suitable for health and social care practitioners from all professions and levels, as well as being involved in the education of local medical students.

We strive to offer educationally sound, evidence based sessions which respond to current needs of practitioners. Experiential and reflective sessions help colleagues to deepen and strengthen learning experiences to take back to practice knowledge that is effective and applicable.


We offer a range of sessions, delivered online, recorded or face to face so that they can be accessed at a time to suit the learner. We have a team of facilitators who are experts in their field of practice to ensure best content. Feedback is consistently high and we learn and develop from any feedback that we receive.


The team at OxCERPC may be small but we have big dreams and ambitions, and would love for you to join us on some of our sessions!

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