Meet the team

The OxCERPC team has the following aims:


  • To provide our customers with a high standard of care throughout their journey with OxCERPC.
  • To ensure our courses are excellent value for money, whilst managing our costs effectively, and seeking funding to support those unable to afford the cost of education in palliative care.
  • To provide a wide range of excellent quality, relevant, evidence-based and appealing courses and publications, appropriate in price, length and format to a wide range of audiences, to enable health. professionals to grow in knowledge and skills in order to provide patient and family care to the highest possible standard.
  • To always work with a sustainable, inclusive, fair approach, embracing equality and diversity in all its activities and relationships with customers, partners and staff.
  • To establish research and publishing programmes, with and for staff in Sobell House and beyond, including developing critical thinking, research readiness and undertaking projects intended for publication. 
  • To respect the skills within the team and strive to enhance them at every opportunity.


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