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This foundation level workshop provides skills for staff at all levels, working in both clinical and non-clinical positions, to enhance care for those in distress or with emotional concerns. It is offered to those working within Oxfordshire health and social care settings.

The aim of the SAGE & THYME workshop is to enhance skills in listening and responding so that people feel empowered. It does not teach how to ‘fix’ situations; instead it helps people to work with their own ideas

The workshop teaches the communication skills needed to notice distress, listen carefully and respond helpfully, using a structured approach (SAGE & THYME).

The skills taught can be used by everyone (staff, students, volunteers and others – at any level and in any area and organisation (including at home)) when speaking to patients, carers, relatives, colleagues, friends, family, children and indeed anyone who has emotional concerns.

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Location: Virtual

Educational Credits:

+ Speakers

Facilitators are trained and monitored by SAGE & THYME development team, University Hospitals Manchester.

+ Course Programmes

The 3 hour workshop incorporates formal presentation with experiential learning, building upon concrete experiences of the participants

+ Course Aims

The workshop covers:
• Benefits of effective communication
• Evidence behind effective communication skills
• Listening and responding skills
• Using the SAGE & THYME structure in a conversation
• Supporting the person without having to solve their concerns
• When using SAGE & THYME is not appropriate