Quality Improvement Project

1. End Of Life Care (EOLC)  ‘Improving care of the dying’ project

The ‘Improving care of the dying’ project has been running since September 2016. It aims to improve care of the dying and support their friends and families in three ways: seeing a greater number of patients, supporting departments to identify areas that they would like to improve and promoting a hospital culture which supports staff in delivering care of high quality.The QIP is funded by Sobell House Hospice Charity and the Sobell Foundation. It is taking place in collaboration with Oxford University Hospital Trust.

The prospective cohort study (link) led by Dr Lowney will form part of the QIP, formally evaluating the care of patients and their families/those important to the patient.

Project leads: Dr Mary Miller, Lead for OUH EOLC project, and Sharon Yates, Programme Manager for OUH EOLC project

The latest report is here (link)

2. Foundation Year 2 Doctors QIPs

The foundation programme is part of the continuum of medical education and takes place over two years. It ensures that newly qualified doctors develop their clinical and professional skills in the workplace.

Part of the doctor’s education includes learning about and undertaking a QIP. Dr Miller is leading on the supervision of seven doctors in 2018/9.

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