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The Oxford Advanced Pain and Symptom Management Course © – Virtual

Only available for the next few weeks - grab the opportunity for CPD! (ending December 15, 2023)

Welcome to the virtual course! Over 400 people attended the Oxford Advanced courses in 2022 - the majority attended virtually. Your feedback tells us that the format is very valuable. We are developing the programme and will have more information soon.

This course is amongst the UK’s leading courses for palliative care nurses, pharmacists and doctors. For nearly 40 years it has delivered cutting edge knowledge and skills to healthcare practitioners so they can provide their patients with the best possible care. Dr Mary Miller has led the course since 2008, developing a unique course each year.

Organisations get value for money as the course delivers high standards of professional knowledge, is educationally sound allowing staff time for discussion and supports staff in setting continuing educational goals for the year following the course.

Any profits generated are ploughed back into education - as we are a charity.

The virtual course is the actual recording of the 2-day face to face course.  You will be sent the Youtube  link of this on 24 July and can watch at leisure as many times as you wish up to November 22, 2023.  You will also be sent slides and reading list.


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Location: Virtual

Educational Credits: 12 CPD Credits

+ Speakers

2023 speakers
1. Dr Emily Adam: Management of hiccups including baclofen
2. Tom Crook: Music therapy and palliative care
3. Dr Joanne Droney: Opioids: conversion ratios and other matters
4. Dr Chris Farnham: The intersection of palliative care and substance use disorder
5. Dr Catriona Jackson: Delirium
6. Dr Alistair Lumb: Diabetes, technology and palliative care
7. Dr Tom Marjot: Liver disease and sleep disorder
8. Dr Jeremy Nightingale: Management of high output stomas
9. Dr Evelyn Palmer: Caring for patients with interstitial Lung Disease
10. Dr Honey Thomas: Cardiac failure

+ Course Programmes

Day 1

Talk 1 Cardiac Failure - Dr Honey Thomas
Talk 2 Delirium - Dr Kitty Jackson
Talk 3 Substance Use Disorder - Dr Chris Farnham
Talk 4 From the journals - Dr Mary Miller
Talk 5 Diabetes: What you need to know about Glucose monitoring technology in palliative care - Dr Alistair Lumb
Talk 6 Management of Hiccup including Baclofen - Dr Emily Adam
Talk 7 Music Therapy and Palliative Care - Tom Crook
End of day 1

Day 2

Talk 1 Interstitial Lung Disease - Dr Evelyn Palmer
Talk 2 Opioids: Conversion ratios and other matters - Dr Joanne Droney
Talk 3 Liver Disease and Sleep Disorder - Dr Thomas Marjot
Talk 4 Management of High output Stomas - Dr Jeremy Nightingale
Talk 5 Learning from the Course - Dr Mary Miller
End of Course

+ Course Aims

The course aims to provide participants with:
- Knowledge to inform and update your practice
- Knowledge that is delivered by expert speakers
- Knowledge that develops between the speakers and the audience during questions and discussions
- Resources that can be used over the following 12 months to develop and extend your learning
- Resources that will support you to bring learning back to your workplace
- Resources that will help you develop your portfolio of evidence for appraisal and revalidation
- A means of ensuring your practice is at the cutting edge
- Time for thinking, questions and reflection

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