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The Oxford Advanced Pain and Symptom Management Course – Nottingham

This course is amongst the UK’s leading courses for palliative care nurses, pharmacists and doctors. For over 30 years it has delivered cutting edge knowledge and skills to healthcare practitioners so they can provide their patients with the best possible care. Dr Mary Miller has led the course since 2008, developing a unique course each year.

Organisations get value for money as the course delivers high standards of professional knowledge, is educationally sound allowing staff time for discussion and supports staff in setting continuing educational goals for the year following the course.

HEE and the Specialty Advisory Committee have designated this course a recommended course. The course topics are linked to the curriculum.

Any profits generated are ploughed back into education - we are a charity.


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Location: Nottingham

Educational Credits: In 2019 12 CPD points were awarded - we are reapplying



Course Programme
Course Aims

The course aims to provide participants with:
- Knowledge to inform and update your practice
- Knowledge that is delivered by expert speakers
- Knowledge that develops between the speakers and the audience during questions and discussions
- Resources that can be used over the following 12 months to develop and extend your learning
- Resources that will support you to bring learning back to your workplace
- Resources that will help you develop your portfolio of evidence for appraisal and revalidation
- A means of ensuring your practice is at the cutting edge
- Time for thinking, questions and reflection

Downloadable Items

Last year Laura Daly spoke about ‘mouth care in medically complex patients’ at the Oxford Advanced Course in Pain and Symptom Management. This presentation built on her poster at the ASP conference in 2018. Click here to view the poster


Listen to a free audio lecture based on a topic covered in the programme for the Oxford Advanced Courses 2018.
If you enjoy it – join us for 2020.

Other Course Information
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