Introduction to Palliative Care


We developed a bespoke ‘Introduction to Palliative Care’ session for the Wellbeing team in Abingdon and delivered it to 8 staff. Using puzzles, flashcards and interactive materials we had an enthusiastic afternoon unpicking many of the issues that carers encounter when offering care to someone in their own home. The experience and understanding that these staff have is amazing and should be highly valued! The feedback reflected that it was ‘good to talk’, good to debrief and reflect, and so helpful to unpick topics such as the terminology used around palliative/end of life care and the use of the D Words – dying, death & dead. We also took time to debunk some of the myths surrounding this area of care, and discuss how the staff could talk with families in the community setting. It was such a positive afternoon of learning – “thought-provoking”, “relevant” and “enlightening” were just some of the words used by the participants

If you would like us to develop a bespoke session for your team, please do get in touch and talk to Kate or Mary. We’d love to hear from you!

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