Excellent feedback from latest Enhanced Communication Skills Training course

The recent Enhanced Communication Skills Training course was a resounding success with all participants finding it extremely helpful in developing their own skills. Examples of their feedback on the best aspects of the course included:

“Being able to rehearse an intimidating and challenging scenario”

“As a whole the course surpassed my expectations. There was a balanced mix of participation, PowerPoint and rehearsals.”

“The facilitators were exceptionally good and the techniques they adopted were interesting”

“I learned a lot from observing others”

“Best course I’ve been on in a long time. The facilitators were both brilliant.”

“I loved the opportunity for feedback and really exploring what worked well in depth. It felt like we had lots of quality conversations.”

“Excellent course with encouraging and enthusiastic facilitators – also experienced and knowledgeable”

“I found the course extremely useful to my practice”

“Interactive, engaging, loads of feedback – all constructive. Exchanging ideas for good practice and meeting new people.”

“I didn’t know that there were so many aspects of communication and various techniques for effective communication. It was a good experience.”

“I found the structure of the course relevant and appropriate. Well thought out. Difficult to find fault with.”


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