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CHAIN is an online international network for people working in health and social care. See ‘resources’ for CHAIN’s online material on COVID 19. CHAIN member Holly Blake would like to draw your attention to a particular e-learning resource.

Holly writes:

“We have rapidly compiled an e-learning resource on Psychological Wellbeing in Healthcare Workers in response to COVID-19.”

You can access it here:

Supporting the wellbeing of NHS staff and students will be critical during the pandemic – psychological impacts will undoubtedly occur and may be long-lasting so we are keen to do anything to help with this.

This package is relevant to all healthcare staff and healthcare students. It contains information, advice and tips from experts in the field and signposting around:

psychologically safe work environments, communication, social stigma, accessing social support, self-care strategies, rest, shift-work and sleep, and managing emotions during the pandemic.


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