EOLC Education Fund

The End of Life Care Education Fund was set up to help generalist  practitioners working with those nearing the end of life in Oxfordshire to access education.  The fund has been used by a wide range of staff across community and hospital based services.


The Education Fund is managed by Sobell Study Centre under the guidance of  the Oxfordshire Palliative Care Education Group using the criteria set out below. It can be used


  • To support practitioners working with those nearing the end of life  to attend courses where a fee is charged (up to £500 per person per year, not to include travel or accommodation expenses)
  • To support GPs to attend sessions where locum cover is needed (£75 per hour)
  • To help organisations to commission bespoke training

Who is eligible?

  • Individual practitioners in Oxfordshire working with those nearing the end of life (not already working in a specialist palliative care setting)
  • Oxfordshire health and social care provider organisations where end of life care is a key area of work


Criteria for governance of fund

Individuals or organisations can apply to the EOLC education fund. 


  • The organisation/individual has identified clear objectives and outcomes for the education that will improve end of life care
  • The study day or course is considered to be of high quality and directly relevant to improving the quality of end of life care given to patients or family members
  • The individual has applied to alternative sources of funding if available
  • The fund cannot be used to replace basic training or mandatory training that should be provided by an employer. 


Assessment process

  • Complete an application form and return to Sobell  Study Centre at least six weeks before the funding is needed
  • OPEG sub-group will scrutinise requests and inform Sobell Study Centre  of their decision
  • Sobell Study Centre will inform the applicant of the decision


Click to download the organisational application form

Click to download the individual application form